About Kristle

I’ve always had a passion for art!  I was trained in fine arts and I graduated from Texas Tech University. In high school studio art, I won a national award for a portrait of a little boy looking up at a yellow ribbon on a tree (post 9/11). Part of my award package was to have this painting hanging in the Congress building. It was around this time that I fell in love with creating and sharing my work with the world. 

I now live just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband and our two kids. I love thick, vibrant colors and gravitate toward acrylic over oil, as I’m too impatient for the fickle brushstrokes to form.

I started painting “for real”  in 2012, after college, taking commissions from friends, and then their friends, and so on. Mostly abstractions, with a big influence from Helen Franklenthaler and also Claire Desjardins. Since then, I found my “voice”, I believe– by taking a feeling, a moment in time, that says “I wish I was here with you”. I also love traveling, hiking, being outside, and beaches — which is what inspired my Midsummer Beach Series! I still honor my yearning for the abstract by using the same pouring methods and bold colors.

My little studio is behind my house and I paint full time. I think it’s the best job in the world.

Who inspires me? I love Helen Frankenthaler’s pours of color and confidence and Rene Magritte’s imagination, Hopper’s sense of depth, Slim Aarons’ iconic photographs and Picasso’s form and composition.

Say hello at art@kristlestudio.com.